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How To Research The Best Battery Chargers For Your Golf Cart

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How many times have you found yourself in the following scenario when you prepare to head on to your golf course, and you plug-in your cart to charge overnight, but when you wake up the next morning, your cart is still dead because the battery is not charged!

In this case, your weekend would be ruined, and you start asking yourself what have you done wrong to deserve this kind of treatment?

Well, it has nothing to do with you or your cart; it’s all about your battery charger.

An automatic golf cart battery needs to have minimum voltage to start working, and this is often range in between 20 to 35 volts. So what you can in this case to avoid such disappointment with your golf cart?

Finding the best battery charger for your golf cart

You can start by determining the right battery size for your cart.

By size, we don’t mean the size of the battery itself. Typically, a golf cart battery charger often comes with a specific amperage and voltage rating, which would help you find the most suited battery for replacement.

In most cases, all these electrical values of the battery can be found in the instruction manual, but you can also find them on the battery itself.

A higher amperage of the battery will ensure a faster charging of your golf cart. Fast charging makes the golf cart battery healthier because it can remove the sulfur deposits from the electrodes. If you want to charge the battery quickly, always look for a battery charger with higher amperage.

Always check the charging times on the charger and make sure you have the right amperage that suits with your cart battery. If you are not in a hurry, you can consider a smaller charger, but always make sure that you have enough charging power to complete the job.

Consider a battery charger

A smart charger is probably your best bet if you want to maintain your golf cart battery in good health.

However, if your golf cart will only sit in the garage without using it very often, then you can consider a battery charger with this ability.

A simple low current charge will do fine in this case.

If you a person that uses the golf cart often, then you may consider a fast and powerful charger. These chargers will quickly restore the trolling battery.

Determining the right charge type

If you head on to a major online battery shop like Battery Pete, you will come across different types of chargers for golf carts, but not all of them will meet your needs.

You can come across an automatic charger, which by itself is a good choice, but in your case it may not suit your older golf cart. If you have an older model, you need to choose a non-automatic charger.

If you are using a modern electric cart, you may opt for a smart charger, or automatic charger to power up your battery.

Regardless, to protect your battery, make sure there is optimum productivity. This means that you need to make sure that the battery has the correct voltage levels and it will not overheat.

Luckily, for a smart charger this will not be a problem, such a charger can monitor the temperature of the battery, which will avoid overheating and overcharging.

The only way to keep your battery in a top shape is to invest in a quality golf cart charger.

Choosing the smart option may be your best bet in this case because you will always be confident that the charger will do the job by the next morning.

If you are storing the golf cart for the winter or you are not planning to use it any time soon, make sure that the charger features a trickle charge function.

Using this function, you can leave the charger plugged in, and you will use it only when you will need it again.

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