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How to Sustainably Resolve Car Trouble

Fixing your car in a sutainable way

Some people own more than one car, but something strange is that they tend to be clueless in resolving car problems. Such individuals have less interest in troubleshooting automotive issues. Whenever a problem occurs, they call their mechanics. There are some problems you can troubleshoot on your own and save that amount you always give to the mechanics.

Resolving a car problem is something that you can do even if you did not undergo any automotive training. There are some easy ways to determine a car problem. You need to be keen on your senses as many problems can be identified by looking, smelling, or hearing.

This post gives some of the ways you can easily identify car problems.

Gaze Around

If you have been into vehicles for some time, you are probably familiar with the components. By just looking around the parts, you will be able to know what is causing the malfunction. At times you will be notified by the warning lights on the dashboard. Some light notifications are easy to interpret. If you see the tyre pressure light, you need to add more pressure to the tires.


As you drive, reduce your radio’s volume so you can listen to any unusual sounds from the car. If you get to hear clunking or creaking sounds, check your suspension. When you apply the brakes and hear squealing noises, it indicates that you need new brake pads. Additionally, when you get to hear a popping or a banging sound, it is an indication that there is a problem with the ignition system.

When you ignite the car and nothing happens, you may likely have a dead car battery. Whenever there is a problem with the battery, the radio and the headlights will not function properly.

Pay Attention

Your body is capable of knowing if there is something wrong. As you drive with your hands on the steering wheel, you will be able to feel strange movements with the ride. You may experience vibrations and shakings from the tyres or the suspension. Whenever there is something wrong with the steering wheel, you will have hard moments controlling your car.

Use Your Nose

Your nose is a critical component in troubleshooting car problems. The smell of mildew inside the cabin indicates that the air filters are worn-out. The weird smell could also be a problem emerging from the AC system.

When you see smoke or experience a burning smell, there might be something wrong with the clutch. At times it might be because you applied hard braking. Also, there is a probability of liquid leakage onto the hot exhaust or engine.

We regularly admire the sweet smell, but it is nothing good to tolerate when you experience it in your car. Coolant can produce a scented fragrance whenever there is a leakage; this can damage the engine if not solved.

Final Thoughts

There are some car problems that you can resolve on your own. You don’t need to take your car to a mechanic for some minor cases. Please familiarize yourself with car components and how they function. By doing this, you will be able to identify the problem in your car.

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