Use the HySolarKit and turn your conventional car into a green vehicle

Make your car green using the HySolarKit,

Make your car green using the HySolarKit

If you can’t afford to replace your car that produces carbon emissions with an electric vehicle, there is a way to turn your actual car into a green car.

A team of Italian researchers has created a device that can turn a conventional car with two-wheel drive into a four-wheel drive hybrid vehicle.

The device is called HySolarKit, and is used to recharge a battery using kinetic energy and a few solar panels mounted on the hood and on the top of the vehicle.

During the day, the solar panels installed on the surface of the car can produce up to 2 kWh of clean energy that is enough to cover about 25% of the energy needed by the vehicle to walk through the city in a normal day.

The HySolarKit was created for any car with front-drive that wants to use the free and clean energy provided by the Sun to improve its fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

When the HySolarKit is mounted on a new conventional car with front-drive, two electric motors are integrated into the rear wheels and connected to a battery that will allow the vehicle to operate in hybrid mode or in electric mode.

The On Board Diagnostics protocol gives access to data that shows the position of the acceleration pedal, engine and vehicle speed, and many other parameters.

The battery is recharged during braking and while the car is moving downhill, but is also recharged by the solar panels installed on the car during the day.

The price of the kit is 3,000 euros ($3,350) and the research team says that the investment can be restored in a period of only three years.

Beside improving fuel consumption and lowering emissions, the kit provides enhanced performance like an improved acceleration and handling of the vehicle.

Danny Ovy

Danny Ovy

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