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Impressive Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Consider This Fall

outdoor lighting

Many people love to spend time outdoors, especially during the summer, when the sunny days are present almost daily, and create great opportunities for fun and games and other outdoor activities.

Homeowners invest a lot of time and effort in designing the outdoor space in their yard, because they want to be sure that they spend quality time outside during the day, but also during the night.

Installing the right backyard lights in your pathways, garden, and driveway, you can bring your outdoor lighting ideas to life as soon as the sun goes down, to keep the party going late into the night.

Here are a few outdoor lighting ideas you should consider choosing to illuminate your backyard this Fall.

String Lighting Ideas

String lighting is one of the low-voltage accent and soft lighting ideas used to induce a warm and intimate ambiance that’s required to create a magic environment.

You need to hang string lights over the home’s eaves to brighten an outdoor kitchen or from the posts of an outdoor pavilion to better illuminate the patio furniture. You can choose waterproof, rechargeable, or solar-powered outdoor string lights from solar PPA investors Australia since most of the lights provided by the company eliminate the need to install extension cords across the yard.

Wall Lighting Ideas

Wall lighting ideas consist of a moderately bright form of light that improves the outside aspect of your house.

Wall lighting is often used to lighten and improve navigation through small areas of the yard where you have more shadow. You can easily install it on a vertical surface such as the interior of your pergola, above the stairways, around sunken seating areas, around the pools, etc.

There are many options to choose from, but ‘Wall sconces’ are among the most popular because they cast the maximum amount of light down into recessed areas.

This type of lighting is always suitable for the limited spaces in your yard. It is advisable to consider semi-flush-mount sconces because, using them, the light will be mounted to a narrow arm installed on a plate on the wall, instead of flush-mount sconces with the whole fixture up against your wall.

Security Lighting Ideas

Security lighting ideas include the brightest backyard lighting available today. These lights provide safety lighting to brighten the large areas in your yard in order to discourage any intruder or unwanted animals from entering your yard.

Security lighting is usually installed in higher places like above the garage, to illuminate the main walkways, the fence and the entrance into the yard.

The main reason to use security lighting is to protect your property and because these lights use motion detectors and two or three bulb housing units, the will start lighting the place only when the built-in sensors will detect movement within their range (this means that these devices are very efficient because they consume less power).

Path Lighting Ideas

Path lighting offers soft and bright safety along with landscape lighting which enables you to easily find and use your walkways during the night.

If you place them correctly, on the ground along both sides of the main walkways from the back door to your fence door, and along the stepping stones from the main walkway to the backyard, you will significantly emphasize the paths along the entire yard.

The advantages that come when using path lighting is readily available in low-voltage options from solar PPA investors Australia. Some have a built-in decorative bulb housing unit that is attached to a support driven into the ground.


These outdoor lights will stay bright for several hours after dusk, even in the shaded walkways of your yard.

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