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Innovative Ideas To Choose Warm And Cozy Lighting For Your House

Indoor lights using LED bulbs and saving energy

Many people don’t know today how much the light affects the mood and concentration of a person. Research shows that living in a place with insufficient light can, in fact, increase anxiety and depression. So, what should you do to avoid the negative effects of bad lighting on your body?

Living in one of the apartments for rent in Durham? Update your home lighting! Not sure how? Here is a guide to help you choose the light you need for each nook of your home!

Mix The Colors

Having a cozy and comfortable vibe in your home should be your ultimate goal when it comes to lighting. We all live in a fast-paced environment, full of bright lights, whether on the street or in the office.

To relax and feel comfortable at home, we need to use warm colors whenever we can. Get rid of that bright white lamp you have at home; it is blinding and makes your eyes watery! Instead, buy a warm-colored lamp like blue, green, and orange which could be used interchangeably depending on the occasion.

For example, if you don’t like to sleep in the dark, add a light green lamp on your nightstand, it will act as a pacifier and help you sleep peacefully.

Use Levels

No matter how small your apartment is, there should be at least 3 types of light in each area of your home. Different areas require different types of lights and different focal points. For example, your bedroom could use sconces on the wall, a lamp on the bedside table, and a central chandelier in the middle of the room. Just like it, your bathroom could use a sconce, a couple of fixtures, and the main light bulb.

Use Candles

Bulbs, lamps, and sconces are not the only types of lighting available, sometimes you need to revert to classics to get the effect you need. If your partner is on the way home, and you want to prepare a romantic dinner, light up some candles in the dining area for a warm and cozy effect. Buy some innovative candlesticks to make your dining table stand out.

Don’t Use Lights on Top of the TV

Your TV stand might seem like a good place for small fixtures; however, unless you only need these lights for decoration, it is better to stay away from adding any lights near your TV. Lights above or below your TV adds a glare that is not needed to your screen; therefore, affects your watching experience. If you really need lights while watching TV, install some light fixtures on your ceiling for a cozy effect.

Use Dimmer Switches

Cozy lights don’t always have to be a different color. Sometimes the same bulb could be adjusted to reflect the brightness level you need. How? Using dimmer switches! If you wish to save up on buying extra lights and reduce your electricity usage, dimmer switches are the perfect solution. With dimmer switches, you can enjoy activities like watching movies or listening to music in a cozy environment.

Change To LED

Old light bulbs don’t just waste energy that the planet would rather save, they also give your place a very old and rusty atmosphere. If you have old lamps with normal bulbs, now is time to change them to what fits you. Unlike LED bulbs, old bulbs run the risk of affecting your health as their brightness can’t be adjusted. On the other hand, LED bulbs have many benefits as compared to old bulbs, according to ViriBright, they affect the mood, reduce headaches, and even enhance concentration.

If you are a student, think about changing your lamp bulb to LED bulb before moving forward with anything else. LED bulbs come in almost all shapes and forms and they save more than 50% of the electricity. Choose whatever you wish to try out and move forward with your plan.

Avoid Repetition

If your house is full of the same type of lamps and chandeliers in every room, you are more likely to feel moody and irritated. Having the same types of lights in all rooms regardless of their sizes will make your eyes feel tired and irritated. Choose room lights based on the space, room type, and usage.

Install Sconces

The lamps which are attached to the wall are not called hanging lamps, they are sconces. You can install them on top of the bed, in the bathroom, or even over a mantle. They give a very cozy atmosphere to wherever you add them to. If you live in a rental home where you can’t change the lights the way you want, buy plug-in sconces, they are worth a try!

Make Use of Natural Light

Don’t think that your wall lamp could act as an alternative to sunlight! Lamps are good, but your body needs a daily dose of vitamin D. Therefore, you need a corner with natural light in your home. Set up a cozy corner with a sofa or a chair on your balcony, if you have one. If not, then add a couch under the window that offers the best sunlight in your home.

Use String Lights

You don’t have to use fixed light bulbs to give your home a different atmosphere. Sometimes leaving that string light from Christmas is all you need to remember the warm days you had in winter. Also, don’t leave every single decoration, otherwise, your home will look like a school dorm. Instead, leave only one string light and hang it in your study or your bedroom to get a cozy atmosphere and enjoy the memories.

Light the Entrance

Your entrance is as important as your home. Who would feel happy opening their door in the dark daily? No one! Whether you live in an apartment or a house, prioritize your safety and install good warm lights outside your door. Trust us, fumbling with your keys in the dark is not a good feeling!

Street lights based in LED technology

Street lights based in LED technology, images source:

Finally, ask your friends and family for their opinion once you are done renovating the lights in your home. You will be surprised by how many of them would think that you have changed your furniture when you haven’t. Lights are a great way to lighten up the mood and feel relaxed, it affects everything and adds up to every situation, so choose your lights carefully, and keep our tips in mind.

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