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Making Your Home Solar Powered – Is It Worth the Cost?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed the wave of environmental awareness sweeping through countries, cities, and people across the world.

Social media platforms are swarming with campaigns to reduce plastic waste, do beach cleanups, and become more aware and conscious of the surrounding environment.

While some of that is hopping on the bandwagon and getting along with a trend, some are actually the ones that invested in protecting the environment. Yet, few pay attention to the energy problem, let alone the reasons why we all need to convert to using solar power.

Yes, plastic waste is dangerous to the marine and human life, but so is energy consumption. Some people find it too expensive and time-consuming to convert their homes into solar-powered units, so it does really worth the cost?

Solar is good for the environment

Duh! Solar energy is provided by the Sun, so if there’s no external power source powering the house, there are no harmful carbon or any other greenhouse gas emissions released by solar energy, unlike conventional sources whose emissions can be quite dangerous to the environment.

the sun saving the environment

The Sun can save the environment on planet Earth

Energy from the Sun is clean and renewable, and doesn’t run out because it utilizes one of the natural resources available on the planet.

You need to understand that the fossil fuels used today on a mass scale for energy generation are quite bad not just for the environment, but also for our health. The combustion of these fuels results in emissions that have catastrophic effects on all living things.

You get carbon dioxide in excess due to the use of fossil fuels, which is the main reason why global warming is happening –– the worst natural phenomenon that takes place on our planet right now and affects all of us.

Then there are other gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and others, which are quite harmful to plants and animals, not to mention the people that are breathing these toxic gases while walking on the street due to the large number of vehicles with internal combustion engines present on the road.

You save money

You want to know if solar powering your home is worth the cost?

Well, if saving the environment isn’t really your thing, then perhaps the fact that solar energy saves you money will do the trick.

You can spend thousands of dollars getting the most energy efficient home appliances on the market, but that won’t change the fact that your electricity bill will still be pretty high because you are still using energy provided by your utility company.

On the other hand, solar energy can save you a ton of money on energy bills, and that’s not only for one month, it is for several months every year. It even gets better. Making your house solar powered is proven to increase the value of the property in the real estate market, because that’s what new buyers are looking for nowadays.

You’ll find that buyers are willing to pay extra money for the solar panels powering your house, so you will not only save money on energy bills, but the value of your house will also be increased on the local real estate market.

It’s a good investment

One of the greatest features of solar energy is the fact that it can help you make use of underutilized lands.

Let’s say that you’re living on a farm next to a big field where nothing happens. You can take advantage of that field and use it to get solar panels to power your house as well as other neighbors. If you manage to find a company to help you with that initial investment, you can make a lot of good things happen from investing in solar power.

The people at ZenSolar realize that investing in solar energy can be a bit overwhelming, but they’re also aware of the rewards it can bring to both the user and the environment.

They create custom-made plans for your location to work best for your needs. So, if you want a large scale investment that could serve not only you, but also adjacent houses, that would be quite easy to achieve.

A durable technology

It’s no secret that solar energy products are more durable than normal ones, because the panels for example, don’t have any moving parts, and they are built to withstand very harsh weather conditions.

Also, if the Sun is up in the sky and there are no clouds, the panels will produce energy during the entire day, powering the house only with solar.

You can make good money with solar

In some states, people that have solar panels and already produce electricity, can sell that excess energy for good money.
This helps electricity suppliers to get their hands on clean energy without massively investing to build their own green systems, and because you are sending back in the grid the excess power produced, you will get some money back.

Generates new ideas to further improve your home

Another pretty cool feature that comes with a solar panel system is the fact that it could generate new ideas for improvements you can make to your home. For instance, if you get a home pool, you can use solar energy to warm the water using free power, and this way the energy bill will not go up.

Is it worth the cost?

After showing you all these advantages related to solar power, it’s up to you to decide if making your home solar powered is worth the investment.

If you decide to make the step and install solar, it will truly worth the investment. You’ll not only saving on your energy bills, you’ll also be helping the environment to recover, and you will start creating a healthy and clean future for the next generation.

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I am a writer and reporter for the clean energy sector, I cover climate change issues, new clean technologies, sustainability and green cars. Danny Ovy


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