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Mongolia – A Model of Sustainable Living

Mongolia - A country where people live in harmony with the environment

In Asia we have a country that seems to know something about the environment and sustainable living.

Mongolia is the Asian country that wants to show the world how to live a sustainable life in harmony with the environment.

With 7.1 metric tons per capita of CO2, Mongolia is burning less than half the fossil fuels of the United States, making it a comparatively green country.

However, as the country develops and its towns and cities grow, Mongolia will have to work hard to ensure
a sustainable living.

A combination of nomadic rural traditions and smart government policy has meant that Mongolia is a world leader in clean living.

With a huge desert ideal for solar farms and energy efficient housing, the West could learn a lot from this sparsely populated country.

Ways of Life and Traditions

Although the people of Mongolia are increasingly settling in the capital city, it is estimated that half still live a nomadic lifestyle.

They camp on pastures, moving to a new location every few months. Traditionally, nomadic tribes live in eco friendly yurts, but Riverwood Cabins notes the rising popularity of more permanent, prefab log cabins.

These small homes come with affordable building and running costs, offering a solution to poverty and meeting the needs of both travelers and more settled citizens.

Although traditional yurts have a plastic exterior, wooden slats have been used for centuries to keep out the cold.

This lowers the need for fossil fuel based heating. The move towards fully log based cabins will help to further insulate the Mongolian people from the sub-zero winters.

Nomadic life tends to be slow paced, utilizing camels and horses, rather than cars and trains, which means a low level of greenhouse gas emissions.

These traditions are deeply embedded in the Mongolian culture, meaning that a move towards Western style over-consumption is less likely.

Government Programs in Mongolia Promoting a Sustainable Life

Mongolia, like every other country, is developing as its economy grows and traditions change.

Fortunately, it has a forward thinking government which seeks to prevent global warming and a catastrophic climate change.

With a German-backed government program, Mongolian officials are looking at eco-housing as a way to alleviate poverty and maintain sustainability.

Although the country’s traditions tend to involve eco-friendly housing, homes in Ulaanbaatar often fail to meet this standard.

The Integrated Urban Development, Construction Sector & TVET Promotion is focused on infrastructure, sanitation, air quality and HVAC.

It aims to bring these essentials to the working class while lowering CO2 emissions.

There are lessons to be learned from every country that decides to lower the pollution level because we can learn this way how to live a sustainable life in the modern world where clean technology and environmental protection must become the main concerns for all the countries.

While some places use the latest Silicon Valley technology, others stick to a traditional way of life that is almost ancient, but very close to a living in harmony with nature.


Looking to a country like Mongolia can help the West to understand how to raise living standards among the poor, while keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum level that doesn’t lead to global warming and climate change.

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