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Nuclear Energy Can Reduce Air Pollution On Planet Earth?

nuclear power

We already know that nuclear power plants do not produce carbon emissions while generating energy because the heat produced during the nuclear fission reaction of uranium-235 is only used to generate steam that will drive turbines to produce electricity.

This is not the case when we talk about thermal power plants burning fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, even if the process is somehow similar (fossil fuels are burned to produce heat and steam, which will drive turbines to generate electricity).

Fossil Fuels Are Responsible for the Current Level of Air Pollution on the Planet

Burning fossil fuels for energy generation releases harmful emissions into the atmosphere, which increases the level of air pollution produced every year on the planet.

Cars burning fuels based on oil (gasoline and diesel) are also producing harmful emissions, which severely affects the people living in towns where the large number of vehicles on the road release a huge amount of toxic emissions every day.

However, in the case of a nuclear power plant we are not talking about carbon emissions, but we are talking about dangerous nuclear waste, which could be very harmful for any living being.

In order to reduce the level of air pollution produced on the planet, we need to replace the conventional sources of electricity (coal, oil and natural gas) with cleaner alternatives that could prepare mankind for a gradual transition from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy sources and finally to 100% renewable energy.

The transition from mainly fossil fuels to cleaner sources of energy also needs to decrease the level of greenhouse gas emissions produced daily, which will create a healthier environment for all of us.

Nuclear Energy is a Cleaner Source of Energy

Nuclear energy does not produce harmful emissions directly, but the nuclear fuels used today in the nuclear fission reaction of uranium (U-235) and plutonium (Pu-239) are finite resources, which means that we can’t use them as a major source of cleaner power in the future.

Uranium reserves will last only about 220 years, if we maintain the today’s consumption rate.

However, nuclear power does not mean only nuclear fission, because using the nuclear fusion reaction of hydrogen (the same nuclear reaction that takes place in our Sun every second), mankind could solve the energy problem on our planet in a clean way.

Nuclear fusion is a very complex process, but due to the fact that the level of technology on our planet grows extremely quickly, it is very possible that by the middle of the century (by 2050), we can replace the nuclear fission reaction of uranium (that produces hazardous nuclear waste) with the nuclear fusion reaction of hydrogen to generate unlimited amounts of clean electricity (hydrogen is a very abundant element on our planet and in the known universe).

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It is more than obvious that nuclear power is an energy source of the future, and learning more about the subject can be very useful especially for the young generation.

The future is green, which means no harmful emissions released into the atmosphere while generating power, and a cleaner environment for all of us.

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