NVIDIA and Volvo Cars have signed a deal to develop software for self-driving cars

Nvidia, Volvo and Autoliv will build together software for self-driving vehicles.

The U.S. company NVIDIA Corp (NVDA.O) signed a deal with Volvo Cars and Volvo’s car safety supplier Autoliv (ALV.N) to develop software systems for driverless cars.

NVIDIA is well-known for its graphics technology in computer gaming, but in recent years the company is getting involved in developing software for self-driving vehicles.

Volvo is now owned by China’s Zhejiang Geely Holdings [GEELY.UL], and the joint venture between Volvo and Autoliv will work together with NVIDIA to create systems based on AI (artificial intelligence), that can recognize objects around the vehicles, can anticipate any possible threats for the vehicle and can ensure the safety of the ride.

The venture was called Zenuity and will provide Volvo Cars with self-driving software.

Autoliv will be able to sell the self-driving software to other carmakers.

Since the beginning of this year (2017), Volvo has used Nvidia’s AI systems in a pilot program of semi-autonomous vehicles in its hometown Gothenburg (southern Sweden).

Volvo plans to provide in its offer autonomous vehicles starting with 2021.

NVIDIA has already signed several partnerships with other car companies such as Audi, Mercedes and Toyota, which shows that NVIDIA is today one of the most popular technology companies that partners with carmakers in the race to get a fully autonomous vehicle.

In April 2017, Daimler (the German carmaker) created an alliance with its supplier Robert Bosch to accelerate the process of producing self-driving vehicles.

In the meantime, the U.S. company Intel joined forces with Mobileye (an Israeli company that produces vision systems and is a mapping expert) and the German carmaker BMW, to build a self-driving platform that will be ready for production in 2021.

It is more than obvious that the race to build self-driving cars has become more interesting this year, so if you still have fears regarding these vehicles, you should enroll in the “Early rider” program, which will be launched by Waymo in this summer in Phoenix, Arizona.

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