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Reasons to Switch to Octopus Energy Today

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If you live in the UK and you care about the environment, I’m sure that you would be very interested to switch right away to an energy provider that relies mostly on renewable energy sources to produce its power.

You might say, yeah, but this is only just another energy provider like British Gas, ScottishPower, SSE, E. ON., EDF Energy, etc., so why would I switch to Octopus Energy?

Octopus Energy is a supplier of renewable energy because is one of the largest investors in solar power plants and wind farms in the UK today, and does this to provide 100% clean electricity to all its customers.

Why To Switch to Octopus Energy in 2021?

There are several reasons to leave your current energy provider as soon as possible and switch to Octopus Energy.

It’s an EV Friendly Energy Provider

If you are a person that protects the environment, maybe you have an electric vehicle that needs only electrical energy to run instead of fossil fuels.

In this case, Octopus Energy is the best energy supplier for you because you can select between three products, all offering cheaper energy prices at certain times of the day or other advantages.

These three products are: Octopus Agile, Octopus Go and Octopus Outgoing.

Octopus Go

For EV owners, Octopus Go gives you four hours of cheap charging every night, so you can charge the battery of your vehicle every night at a cost of about 5 pence/unit which is about 66% cheaper than the standard price in the UK.

If you have an electric car, Octopus Go comes with a very good tariff to charge your battery.

Octopus Agile

Octopus Agile is a little bit different because changes apply every half an hour, and it’s linked to its wholesale price. You can enjoy cheaper electricity prices when wholeprices fall.

Agile allows you to actually get paid sometimes to charge your electric car or to charge anything else (any other major energy consumer in the house such as heaters) if you are able to shift your electricity use outside of peak hours (between 4 P.M. and 7 P.M.).

Octopus Outgoing

This smart tariff is great for people producing their own power using solar panels or wind turbines and for those with battery storage.

You get paid when you export excess energy in the grid and you can choose between a fixed rate or dynamic wholesale rates.

Great Customer Service

They have a great team allocated for their customers, so when you want to contact them via email, Twitter or Facebook messenger, you will get a response in less than half an hour or in the same day.

To achieve such a reduced response time, they make teams that are allocated to a certain number of customers, and that team has the power to do all the different parts in the system.

Whenever you ask them to do something for you, there is somebody in that team that has the authorization to do it, and this is how they save precious time, which is very important in their relationship with the customers.

They Come with their Own APIs and Apps

Once you become their customer, you can download different apps onto your phone such as OctopusWatch and Octopus Energy Watchdog.

Use your own personalized API, which you can get in your Octopus Energy account and you can have all the data on your phone.

Being an Agile customer, you get through the apps real-time data about the evolution of the prices over the next 12 hours, you can compare your pricing with the standard rate or 14 to 15 pence per unit, so you can see if you save money or not.

It seems that the price goes down in windy days, and up in days with no wind, and this means that the wind turbines generating clean power in windy days can bring energy prices down.

Octopus Energy is a Company That is Constantly Improving

Unlike other energy companies, Octopus Energy is very interested to improve its business.

They pay attention to their customers, they continue the invesments in renewable energy to improve their portofolio, they do different competitions for their customers to earn prices, and they actively go out after new customers.

You Can Get £50 for Free!

Click here to join Octopus Energy and Get £50 for Free!

Octopus Energy wants to thank its customers for spreading the word, so they’ve decided to give all their new customers a £50 free credit, which can used to pay less on energy bills.

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