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Renewable Energy – What is it?

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Whenever we talk about global warming and climate change, renewable energy is always at the top of the list of things we need to implement to protect our planet. But what exactly is renewable energy? how does it work, and how can be used to keep our planet clean?

Types of Renewable Energy

The natural sources of renewable energy such as: sunlight, wind, water, biomass and the underground heat provided the core of our planet, provide energy without releasing carbon emissions or other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that can harm the environment (biomass is considered carbon neutral).

Green and renewable energy is also called alternative energy and includes solar and wind power, hydroelectric energy, biomass energy, geothermal power, tidal and wave energy.

All these sources of clean power are produced by the natural resources or processes available on the planet, and they are consodered renewable because they are constantly replenished and are available for us almost all the time (solar and wind power are inttermitent sources of renewable energy.

To turn the natural and renewable resources available on the planet into clean electricity, we use solar panels, wind turbines, underwater turbines (hydroelectric and tidal energy), biomass (wood and plant waste burned into furnaces to generate steam which is turned into electricity by spinning a generator) and the hot steam and water which is used for residential and industrial heating and also for electricity generation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Renewable Energy

Like any other source of power, renewable energy has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to fossil fuels.

However, no matter which source of clean power we use, all of them has a main advantage over fossil fuels represented by the fact that they don;t pollute the environment.

Fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas are considered non-renewable energy sources because they are limited.
Besides the fact that they are limited they are also called “dirty” energy sources because they pollute not only the air, but also the soil and water.

The intense use of fossil fuels in recent decades (to develop our society), has generated a massive release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, which lead today to global warming and climate change.

Today, there is an increased interest towards renewable energy, and this is the reason why several websites and online publications are trying to imform the people about renewable energy and the importance of the change from non-renewable energy sources to green and renewable energy.

Such a website is Energy Tracker Asia, and this webpage focuses to accelerate the transition towards renewable energy by posting the latest news in the field, research, opinions and the latest trends that affects the investments in coal, natural gas, and renewable energy in the Asian region.

You can find there various articles about environmental protection and green energy.

Current topics and occurrences such as the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the economy are also covered, to show how the pandemic affects the transition to clean energy.


Renewable energy is the future for mankind, and if a large number of people will start to understand that we have to use renewable energy and clean vehicles instead of fossil fuels and conventional vehicles, the environment on planet Earth will be much cleaner and healhtier.

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