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Six Reasons To Choose Residential Solar Panels

residential solar

As the world advances towars the green future that will follow, more households are turning to free, clean and renewable sources of energy. Residential solar, stands among the most abundant and affordable sources of energy.

This way, thousands of homeowners install solar panels every year.

Let’s have a look at the reason why they install solar PV systems.

Clean And Renewable Energy

Solar panels reduce the dependence on coal, oil, and natural gas for energy and heat production. These fossil fuels release very harmful emissions in the atmosphere when we burn them.

Due to the massive use of fossil fuels for power production, the environment on planet Earth has already lost a large number of species (birds, animals and plants), and a very large number of people are affected every year (air, soil and water pollution).

On the other hand, solar power is 100% clean, because to generate power solar panels do not pollute. The Sun’s energy source is almost unlimited and by using the sunlight to produce energy, we are not harming the environment.

Residential solar panels can help the homeowner to reduce its energy bills and also the carbon footprint of the building, which will save the planet for the future generations.

Using renewable energy sources also helps in conserving the non-renewable energy sources.

Save Money On Your Utility Bills

If you are facing a rise in home expenses which is getting difficult to manage, solar panels might be a solution in cutting down the costs.

You can save more money during the summer because the panels will generate more power during those hot and sunny days.

Depending on the size and efficiency of the panels, some PV modules will generate more energy than you consume. The excess energy will be sent back to the grid and this way you will pay less on energy bills.

The Sun is a continuous source of clean power and low energy bills.

Qualifies For Tax Bills

The availability of state and local tax breaks is another reason why solar panels have become so popular lately. In addition, installing solar panels at home can increase the overall value of the property. It is estimated that homes with solar panels are sold at 4% above the market price for a similar house without solar.

Freedom And Control Over Electricity

By installing residential solar panels, your home becomes powered by solar panels during the day and during the night you can use the energy stored in batteries.

Having a battery system for the excess power, you can lower the bills even more and you will a certain level of energy independence.

Solar panels give you peace of mind and freedom over controlling your energy consumption.

Solar modules are also becoming more efficient as time passes, and this means that in the future, a solar PV system will be able to power an entire house, which will mean zero energy bills and zero emissions.

Fallen Costs

The cost of solar power has dropped dramatically over the last few years, and the presence of the federal and local incentives have made them even more attractive for investors. Solar batteries are also becoming more affordable.
Nowadays, everyone is eligible for a solar rebate in South Australia.

You can save some money if you live in South Australia due to solar rebates.

Technology Development

The clean technology used by the solar power sector advances every year due to the fact that a large number of scientists work hard to improve the efficiency of the solar cells and also to lower their price.

Innovations in quantum physics can increase the output of the solar panels in the future.

Solar panels are becoming more accessible and resilient day by day. They can make your life easier and reduce the huge burden of the monthly energy bills.

They can also make you energy independent, so what are you waiting for? Install residential solar panels to lower your bills and save the environment.

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