A solar-powered water maker that can run for decades

SunGlacier DC03

SunGlacier DC03 solar-powered water maker.

The solar-powered water maker built by the Dutch inventor App Verheggen, uses a pretty simple system to produce drinkable water using the free energy provided by the Sun.

The technology used to build the solar-powered water maker is called the Peltier technology, and can run using the clean energy produced by a solar panel without using a battery for energy storage, an inverter or a fan.

The device is called SunGlacier DC03, and uses a PV solar panel to power an 18W Peltier element that cools an aluminum block down to a temperature that is below the ambient dew point.

Using the energy produced by the solar panel, the Peltier element transfers the heat from one side of the device to the other and creates a cool surface.

Moisture in the air comes to the cool surface and starts producing water through condensation.

SunGlacier team has already designed several shapes of the cooling element, and the device can be used almost everywhere to produce your own drinkable water by simply using the energy provided for free by the Sun.

In normal conditions, the condensation temperature increases when the temperature rises, but the cold surface can be kept below the dew point even in hot desert conditions.

The building costs of the device are around $53 (50 euros), but the amount of water that is currently produced is very small (a small glass of water per day), so Verheggen hopes that researchers will find a way to increase the efficiency of the device.

The DC03 solar-powered water maker built by SunGlacier is producing a small amount of water per day, but involves small costs, so it is much more practical than other devices that extract water from air because these usually use wind power that requires expensive infrastructure to work.

SunGlacier DC03 works completely off-grid and is fully sustainable.

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