Tel Aviv turns trash into clean fuel for the cement industry

Tel Aviv turns trash into RDF

Inside the Tel Aviv facility that turns trash into RDF.

Tel Aviv found a way of turning all the trash produced by the city into clean fuel for Israel’s main cement factory.

Instead of moving the trash into landfills, the trash is brought to a facility near Tel Aviv, where is turned into refuse derived fuel (RDF).

The facility receives every day about 1,500 tons of trash produced by the city.

Doron Sapir, Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv, says that their facility is the biggest in the world, is actually the biggest separation unit for RDF, and represents a huge step for Israel toward a better and healthier environment, and they hope that in the future they can build similar facilities to turn even more trash into cleaner fuel.

The recyclable materials like paper and metals are separated from the trash and the remaining trash is mostly turned into small and dry bits of high-energy RDF.

The RDF is then sent to Israel’s main cement factory where is burned instead of fossil fuels.
RDF is already recognized in the world as a more environmentally-friendly fuel source and is commonly used to power cement factories.

With such a useful facility that turns all the trash into cleaner fuel for the cement industry, Tel Aviv’s residents can no longer feel the guilt generated by the large amount of garbage disposed every day.

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Magda Savin
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