Tesla tries to shorten the production time of the Model 3

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory is the answer for a massive production of the Model 3.

The highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 can turn the Tesla company from a major American automaker of 100% electric sports cars, solar panel manufacturer and energy storage company into a world company that produces in addition affordable electric cars for the masses.

Elon Musk bets big on the Model 3, and the market values are showing that his gamble could succeed because the Tesla company already reached a bigger market value than the old Ford company.

Today, Tesla tries to accelerate the production line for the Model 3 because Musk wants to start the deliveries on time, but one thing is to deliver the Model 3 on time, and another thing is to ensure a massive production of the Tesla Model 3.

Musk must ensure a continuous production of the Model 3 in the near future, but today’s target of the company seems to be the production of the Model 3 as quick as possible.

Tesla Motors moved directly to the production tooling phase for the Model 3 in order to accelerate production, but such a move is risky and could bring even more costs and more delays for the company.

If any issues with the production will emerge, it will show that the gamble to move directly to the production tooling phase was not a very good idea.

Traditional car manufacturers usually build their production line tools in two different phases.

In the first phase, they start building the soft tools, which represent cheaper and easier to manufacture tools, and then they build a small amount of cars of the new model using those tools.

If everything works fine, they move to the next phase when they start investing in production tooling (massive, heavy tools).

Tesla moved directly to the production tooling phase of the Model 3 to ensure the delivery of the Model 3 on time, and this could succeed only if they don’t encounter any issues during the production phase.

Any issues that might occur in the meantime, may delay the deliveries and could produce additional costs for the company.

Tesla Model 3 is an electric car for the masses because it comes at a price of about $35,000, but to ensure a quick and massive production of the vehicle, Tesla must finish and use the production capacity of the Tesla Gigafactory.

In 2017, Tesla shares surged 43%, and this shows that the investors have faith that the Model 3 is the answer to turn the company into a profitable business.

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