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The 4 Best Ways To Increase The Performance Of Your Car

Tips to improve the performance of your car

It is easy to ignore your car’s performance. If it gets you from point A to point B then that’s usually good enough for most people. The thing is that performance is not just about flexing and showing off the power of your car. It’s about the car running at its peak so it doesn’t end up with issues that are expensive to deal with. For instance, replacing your Silverado exhaust is not just going to help the performance, but it will keep your engine running more smoothly and cause fewer repairs later.

To increase your car’s performance you can also increase its efficiency so it is worth the money you spend to do so. It all pays for itself in the long run. In this article, we will go over several of the ways that you can increase your car’s performance without needing to spend a lot of money.

1 – Reduce weight

If your car is heavy then you are slowing it down and also increasing your fuel costs. Think of high-performance cars and how lightweight they are. Every part of it is designed with its weight in mind so the car can run at its peak without being slowed down due to its weight. You may not be trying to break any speed records but being slowed down because the car is heavy is not ideal.

Chances are that you have a full trunk or other items in your car that are adding to the weight. You shouldn’t be storing things in your car that will add weight to it. Put things in your garage and only move them to your car when you actually need them there. Things like golf clubs, bags of dog food, or any other item that isn’t needed to help the car run or get fixed is nonessential and need to go.

You should also look into replacing parts with ones that use lightweight material. You don’t have to go through your car right away and do this. When you have a repair that is being done then this is a good time to ask the mechanic if he can find a piece that uses lighter material to replace it with. Over time most of the parts will be replaced with lighter ones and this will make a difference in the car’s performance.

2 – Use premium synthetic oil

Your car’s oil is instrumental in its performance and is sadly overlooked. Not all motor oil is the same and it has a direct effect on the engine and its parts. Average oil will break down quickly and lose its lubricating power. This leads to the engine parts needing to work harder to move since there is more friction. This slows everything down even though it may not be immediately perceptible.

Premium synthetic oil will be less susceptible to breaking down and provides lubrication for much longer. This will be felt by the performance of the car so you actually can tell that it’s working. The engine won’t have to work as hard so you also save money on fuel when you use synthetic oil. It costs more than regular but will pay for itself in fuel savings and fewer repairs being needed.

3 – Replace spark plugs and air filters

One of the biggest barriers to high performance in your car is something that is smaller than a keychain. Your spark plugs have an enormous bearing on how well your car performs since it is the spark that causes the ignition in a combustion engine. If your spark plugs are worn out then that spark will misfire and everything is thrown off as a result. You will feel a delay in accelerating and may even experience sputtering while driving.

Air filters are also a big indicator when it comes to performance as ones that need to be changed don’t allow enough air to pass through and can’t mix properly with the fuel. When you replace them on time then you won’t miss a beat performance-wise since they will allow the right amount of air to pass through.

4 – Take care of the tires

Your tires need to always have the proper amount of pressure to grip the road just enough to have control but not have too much rubber meeting it that would cause friction. Check the owner’s manual for the correct tire pressure and check them regularly so they are always at the right PSI.

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