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The Newest Equestrian Tech Available On The Market Today

Magnetic safety stirrups

Both kids and adults that have shown at least once in their life the desire to ride a horse, have now the chance to ride a horse in very safe conditions.

A visit at the farm to see the horses and even to ride one, is very beneficial (both mentally and physically) for anyone, because there you can see them in real life, and you can even ride one to feel the connection which is created between you and these magnificent creatures.

However, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, you are always exposed to certain risks when riding these powerful animals because they can get scared easily, so accidents may occur.

What is the Biggest Risk When Riding a Horse?

Both beginners and experienced riders can fall off when they ride a horse, and this is usually happening because they’ve made a mistake and lost their balance (beginners), the horse got scared, or exhibits some funny behavior (bucking), which made you lose your balance and to fall off the horse.

When you ride a horse you have to wear a helmet and a safety vest to protect yourself from getting injured in case you fall.

However, you can get seriously injured if you fall off the horse and your foot gets stuck in the stirrup.

Magnetic Safety Stirrups For Equestrians

To avoid getting injured when riding a horse you always have to wear a helmet, boots, gloves and a safety vest, but also use magnetic safety stirrups to be sure that your foot is released in case of a fall.

If you want to be well-protected when riding, always try to use stirrups that have a safety mechanism, which will protect your legs from serious injuries, even if you ride at a riding school, at home or in training.

You can’t use magnetic safety stirrups at dressage shows because they are considered an aid that improves the performance.

How Do Magnetic Safety Stirrups Work?

The magnetic safety stirrups are made of titanium, which is an extremely resistant material that is almost impossible to break.

Having an open side, you can be sure that in case of a fall, your legs will be released from the magnetic stirrups to avoid a serious injury.

These safety stirrups come along with magnetic insoles, which must be put inside the boot before you get on the horse.

Once you touch the magnetic stirrups with your boots, a magnetic connection is created to make the stirrups follow your every move.

This advanced magnetic system provides grip and stability during the ride, and in case of a fall will help you to detach quickly avoiding a serious injury.

To dismount them, you only have to tilt the foot to the side and pull it out.

Who Can Use Magnetic Safety Stirrups?

In general, every rider should use magnetic stirrups to improve its safety.

However, magnetic safety stirrups are usually used by people who ride often and not by people who ride only occasionally.

In fact, showjumpers and eventers should consider the new tech as an addition that can improve their safety when riding on the horse.

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