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The Booming Industry Of E-Vehicles


In years gone by, the idea of having many electric vehicles on our roads has been considered a sci-fi dream. However, as technology becomes more advanced, more and more people are making the switch to electric vehicles.

In fact, it is fair to say that in the next two to three decades, most vehicles on the road would be electric.

Electric cars have come a long way since the first models have been released. Although they cost a lot of money, they were relatively slow and did not have the battery capacity required to provide a good range for longer trips.

The charging network was also pretty poor, so many customers have lost their interest in buying electric cars and decided to go back to diesel and gasoline vehicles.

In recent years, manufacturing processes have become more refined as existing technology continues to improve.

Today, there are e-vehicles that can travel several hundreds of miles with a single charge, and some special models have become super and hyper electric cars providing both an impressive range combined with an astonishing acceleration capability.

Advantages of E-vehicles

Representing a newer and cleaner technology, electric cars have many advantages compared to the vehicles with internal combustion engines.

1. Lower costs

Today, electric cars cost less and they are cheaper to run compared to traditional vehicles burning diesel and gasoline.

Providing the possibility to lower the monthly costs on gas and diesel fuels, electric cars have become more attractive for a larger number of people, and their production has been increased to satisfy the growing demand.

The same thing happened to e-bikes. If you look at the 15 best electric bikes of 2019, you will notice that they don’t cost as much as they did about five years ago.

2. E-vehicles are environmentally-friendly

Today, more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that the environment suffers due to our actions here on the planet such as the transportation sector. Many young people that are aware of the climate issue, have decided to take the environmental factors into consideration before buying a new car or bike.

In years to come, it is expected to see that even more people are purchasing electric vehicles because the market is full of green offers for anyone.

e-bikes 2019

E-bikes are very trendy today.

3. Governmental support

Several countries have come up with policies that are geared towards significantly reducing the manufacture of gasoline vehicles in favor of electric ones.

Countries such as France and the UK already have plans in place to create all-electric roads in the next two decades. At the same time, in the offer of almost all car manufacturers, we can find today hybrid and electric vehicles.

4. E-vehicles are more silent

One of the best things about driving these clean vehicles is represented by the fact that they are less noisy compared to their conventional cousins using internal combustion engines.

Using a vehicle with zero emissions, which is also more silent, will improve your comfort when driving it and the comfort of the other traffic participants.

5. Improved battery technology

By using a modern e-vehicle, you no longer need to be anxious about the very limited range of your battery.
The energy storing devices (battery technology) have evolved, so today you can cover more than 200 miles without recharge even with a cheaper electric vehicle.


It is more than obvious that electric vehicles will become more present on the road in the coming years, while the number of polluting vehicles will be significantly reduced.

The large taxes paid for the vehicles that pollute (especially diesel vehicles) will make them less popular among drivers, while the number of hybrid cars (gasoline combined with electric) and electric vehicles will be increased mainly due to the governmental support towards a greener transportation sector.

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