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The Business Of Being Clean And Green

Cleaning products going green

Cleaning products used today on a mass scale contain harmful substances that could affect our health and the environment?

Some 53 percent of cleaning products contain harmful ingredients known to affect the lungs, according to Environmental Working Group.

Furthermore, around 22 percent contain chemicals, which can cause asthma to emerge in otherwise healthy individuals.

Subsequently, an environmentally friendly workplace is likely to be a much safer place for employees and overall care for a facility whereby there is less exposure to unhealthy chemicals.

Whether there is a wish to find ways of using alternative and clean energy sources or adapting to keep a workplace clean using green practices, businesses who move in this direction are more likely to attract green minded customers by advertising their sustainable friendliness.

Ways to Green Clean

Chemically produced cleaning agents tend to wear out surfaces, lessen the longevity of furnishings or furniture and reveal people to harmful toxins.

In contrast, the trends of using eco-friendly practices in an office space or warehouse is on the increase, and helps to protect environmental resources while ensuring the well being of employees and visitors.

Additionally, regular cleaning using the appropriate products, particularly those belonging to high-traffic areas, will help keep the durability and maintenance of flooring, which can also result in saving money for businesses in the long term.

Making Green Changes

Being environmentally efficient in the workplace also refers to other ways of helping your business go green.

If you use green cleaning products at home, you should use the same cleaning products in your office because you spend many hours per week at your work place, so if you want to feel god and also protect the environment now you know what to do.

Changing to certified recycled paper products such as stationery or paper towels will improve the impact of your business on the planet.

To be more precise you have to install recycling bins throughout the office in order to make your coworkers use them in order to reduce waste.

Additionally, the benefits of clean air through using no-phosphate products which are not detrimental to a person’s health can be a valuable aid to creating low emissions without compromising on quality.

Business Benefits of Going Green

In the USA, a staggering 1 billion colds are reported annually, resulting in 22 million missed week days.

Proper cold prevention is vital in order to keep a workforce well motivated, healthy and in good shape.

One approach to ensure this happens is to provide clean hand washing and common work areas which are free from germs, bacteria or allergens. This will also control dust and mold spores so they are eliminated from work spaces.

Moreover, businesses who take on a sustainable approach will have an additional positive impact on the local environment, community and economy.

Transforming a business to become greener is an ongoing approach that requires consistent improvement in order to meet eco-conscious initiatives, which will ultimately be beneficial to both employees and customers.

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