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The Essential Tools You Need To Build A Tiny House

Tiny homes use space more efficiently

Tiny houses are an alternative form of housing that is growing in popularity.

Typically, these are homes that offer a space of about 40 square meters or less, and are built on top of moveable foundations (perhaps a trailer) to avoid planning permission. They’re ideal for those who don’t want to lose their income to rent or mortgage payments.

Plus, they fit in with an outdoor lifestyle, while allowing you to spend much more time with your family and friends. With these advantages they’re becoming increasingly popular and if you’re not afraid of the work, you can buy the materials needed and build the house by yourself.

Below, we explore the essential tools that you need for the job.

Tape measure and pencil

When you’re building a tiny house, you need to make the most of every centimeter available in the house. As such, you need basic tools such as a tape measure to calculate these distances precisely.


Continuing the space theme, you’ll need a set of pencils to constantly note down and mark your measurements. There is no particular need to go for any specific pencil. You can get any pencil that is available with you.


Another part of maximizing space is to ensure that your materials are perfectly flat. You don’t want unintended slopes to will cost you space. A level should ensure that you can achieve a flat finish though. Make sure you have all the tools available to access the level.


Hammers are obvious but can’t be overlooked. Building your tiny house will require plenty of panels to be nailed together firmly. A durable, comfortable hammer will therefore be key. In case you have any kids at home then make sure that you don’t go for heavy hammer. You never know when this little creature is can get into accidents.

Work gloves

At the same time, it’s worth investing in some solid work gloves that protect you from blisters or discomfort when using a hammer repeatedly. Again you don’t need to go for any particular pair of gloves. You can simply choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Electric drill

Ensuring you have a wide array of electrical tools is also crucial – the electric drill is an excellent place to start. An electric drill is one of the first tools to look at. The drill should be able to secure attachments in place without much effort. Without a drill you are not going to achieve much because your tiny house will definitely require a great deal of drilling.

Table saw

The table saw is an excellent choice for ripping apart panels of wood before placing them on your house. Just ensure that the blade is properly maintained and sharp. It is also important that you stay cautious in case you have kids along.

Circular saw

If you need a rounded finish, or just finer precision, you should invest in a circular saw to create the plank or sheet of material that you need. The good news is that you can buy the circular saw online.

A sander

Once you have the ideal plank of wood, you then need to give it a smooth finish – especially when you’re attaching it to other materials. A sander is the ideal tool to smooth down any rough edges. Before using a sander on your wood, it is important to know how does it work. You can always watch some YouTube videos for great tutorials.

Safety goggles

Some of this work (especially sawing) could see splinters of material fly off towards your face. Prepare for this eventuality with safety measures such as protection goggles.

Wall Mounted Mirror

Because you are building a tiny house there is no way you can use up more space. But at the same time it is also important that you have a mirror at home. The best way is the wall mounted mirror. Such a mirror does not take a lot of space and it looks pretty good.

Compost Toilet

There is a possibility that you won’t be able to live in your tiny house without a compost toilet. The good news is that compost toilets are easy to install and you can get them in a cheaper price as well. Make sure you pick the best vendor and that’s all.

USB LED Lights

It does not matter what you are doing, you probably do not stand a chance if you don’t know about USB LED lights. The best thing about these lights is that they come cheaper and provide a lot of value. You can easily get LED lights from reputed online stores.

Freshwater Hose

Same as light water is equally important in case you are building a tiny house. However you must remember that you cannot take water along everywhere it is needed. The best way out is having a hose. Make sure you have a freshwater hose with you before you start building your perfect tiny house.

Wood Stove

When you are building your beautiful tiny house you get tired and hungry. At the very start you won’t want to start cooking on a gas stove but you definitely go for a wood stove. Make sure you have one in handy before you start experimenting with your little house.

Solar String Lights

Solar string lights do not only look beautiful they also add a lot of value to the newly built tiny house. Also if you are living at a place where wildlife is in abundance then there are more reasons to go for such lights. Make sure you shop them before you even begin building your perfect tiny house.


Nothing is as beautiful as having your own house no matter how tiny it seems to be. Today, when expenses increase year after year, you can definitely give yourself a beautiful place to live in if you know how to be creative with building and construction.

In this article we have listed some wonderful tools that you need to build your tiny, but beautiful house. All these tools are very handy and quite affordable for everyone. Along with the tools you will also need the willpower and the determination required to finish what you intend to start. Happy Building 🙂

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