The UK favors Electric Cars by banning petrol and diesel vehicles starting with 2040

Pollution produced by petrol and diesel cars is there even if you can’t see it.

After France, Norway and India, now the UK decided to ban the sales of petrol and diesel cars starting with 2040, in order to reduce the level of air pollution in the country.

UK’s environment minister Michael Gove, stated that the UK wants to get rid of the petrol and diesel cars from its roads to solve the health problems caused by air pollution, and to meet its climate targets.

Gove said further that beside banning the sales of diesel and petrol cars starting with the year 2040, the UK wants to remove all the petrol and diesel cars from its roads starting with 2050.

Gove also said that £200 million would soon be available for local authorities to create schemes that will restrict the access to very polluted roads for the diesel vehicles.

Britain’s government was under a continuous pressure to reduce air pollution in the country, and lost in time many legal cases against campaign groups.

Luckily, many car companies are already considering the option to make the switch from cars with combustion engines to electric and hybrid vehicles.

BMW announced this week that they plan to produce an electric version of the Mini in a plant in Oxford starting with 2019.

Volvo announced earlier this month that they will produce only electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles starting with 2019.

I’m sure that many other car companies will make similar announcements soon because the green revolution that already started to make changes on the planet in 2016, is now concentrating on the polluting vehicles and wants to make them less polluting (hybrid vehicles) or replace them with non polluting vehicles (electric cars).

What is your opinion on this?

Are you happy to see that diesel and petrol cars are slowly becoming history?

Are you waiting for a similar announcement made by the government in your country?

Danny Ovy

Danny Ovy

I am a writer and reporter for the clean energy sector, I cover climate change issues, new clean technologies, sustainability and green cars.

Danny Ovy
Danny Ovy

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