Top 5 future electric cars at CES 2017 – Honda NeuV

Honda NeuV

Honda NeuV is a fun, futuristic and practical electric vehicle.

Honda NeuV stands for “new electric urban vehicle”, but the company created this new electric vehicle to be actually a brain on wheels.

The interior and exterior design of the vehicle and also the user experience with this green car represents a concept that Honda calls it “subtractive simplicity”, and means the honesty in the approach toward the car and the user.

The headlights are integrated into the body of the car, and when they are turned off, the car looks like a polished stone.

The taillights form an upside-down shape of U, which is very distinctive for this vehicle, exactly like the face of the car that uses that unique form of headlights (they look somehow blended, integrated into the body of the vehicle).

The doors span the entire length of the car and rise up when they open, keeping this way the simplicity and the ingenuity used to build the entire vehicle.

Honda NeuV is only for two people, so it is somehow created for the young generation or for people that are still using skateboards.

In the back of the vehicle between the two shock towers, we can find an electric longboard.

The longboard is charging when is put in its place, and acts like a high shelf that you can attach with bungee cords a laptop or a messenger bag.

Honda NeuV is a vehicle available for others?

Honda considers that in the future, the way of owning and using a product will change, and the car makes no difference here.

The company thinks that the owner of the Honda NeuV can make some money with its vehicle because after using it to go to work, the owner will have the opportunity to borrow the vehicle to others.

Honda NeuV is not only an electric vehicle, but is also an autonomous one, so for those who will lend the vehicle the task of using the car will be more than easy.

A green car that makes money for the owner

While the owner will be at work, the car will produce some money for him as well.

The car uses an automated network assistant called Hana, which is actually the AI that makes the vehicle to become a drain on four wheels.

Hana wants to make the driving experience better in every way, so it tries to understand and learn from you or with you based on experiences.

Being an autonomous and smart vehicle, it can take you from point A to point B in the most efficient and quick way, and can drive for you if you don’t feel like driving.

The fun doesn’t end when the car drives for you, the driver remains at the steering wheel and if you look at the vehicle from outside, you will see that the wheels are pushed out of the body of the car.

The car looks funny this way, and interesting for those who want to drive it manually.

For the moment, Honda wants to share the vehicle with the public and get some feedback about how to design their future vehicles.

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