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Types of Work Gloves You Didn’t Know About

work gloves to keep you safe

Protecting yourself from any physical harm at the workplace starts with the pair of work gloves that you wear.

Different types of work gloves are made out of different types of clothing and materials. In order to ensure your perfect fit, be sure to consider what you really need when you work in an environment that require the use of working gloves. Therefore, pointing out the best work gloves for your needs is our priority.

Work Glove Palm Coating

Different types of gloves come with different types of palm coating which adds more strength and creates a better protection for your hands. The coating serves as additional layers to ensure security never compromising on the flexibility of the material.

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Materials used by gloves with palm coating

  • Canvas: provides durability and protection against cuts and punctures.
  • Latex: Adds strength and strong grip over materials. It is also resistant to slipping and thus one can handle liquids very efficiently while using this.
  • Leather: Cowhide offers protection against abrasion and eases smooth movements to resist the extraordinary rigidity. Apart from that, those made out of goatskin provide maximized tactile sensitivity while remaining pliable and soft. Pigskin allows breathability to ensure optimum comfort.
  • Nitrile: This one offers protection against snags, abrasion, puncture and cuts. It is also resistant against oils and lubricants.
  • Polyurethane: It provides excellent grip without being sticky and also resists abrasion, oil, solvents, oxidation and gasoline.
  • PVC: Gives good flexibility and great grip over wet and oily materials.

Work Glove Cuff Types

Work gloves with cuffs provide extra protection to your skin up till the wrists, which helps you to work even more comfortable at your workplace.

Materials used by gloves with cuffs

  • Safety Cuff: These safety cuffs may include loose cuffs and allow more ventilation and airflow to prevent your hands to become sticky with sweat. They can easily be removed in case of emergency.
  • Knit Wrist Cuff: It provides an extra firm grip over the user’s wrist and blocks the passage of dirt from entering the glove. It also prevents the material from slipping.
  • Gauntlet Cuff: These are loose cuffs and allow more ventilation. It can also be removed easily. They are longer than safety cuffs and provide additional protection and grip to the forearm.
  • Slip on Cuff: They provide very strong protection against dirt.
  • Hook and Loop Cuff: They come with a feature to tighten your gloves when needed and provide protection against dirt.
  • Band Top Cuff: They allow quick and efficient airflow and can quickly be taken off in an emergency.

Thermoplastic Rubber Work Gloves

Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) offers protection and further cushioning during tough jobs. They are more flexible and more durable compared to solid plastic.

Before you buy your pair, it is important to take into accounts all your hand measurements such as the circumference of your hands and knuckles.

Now that you know what type of work gloves you need at your workplace, you can either buy these gloves online by providing the retailers with the relevant information, or can visit a store near you.

Don’t wait to buy them because safety and comfort at the workplace are way more important than you think.

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