Waymo will help you face your fears about self-driving cars sooner than you think

Waymo will provide free rides in driverless cars to Phoenix residents.

If you live in Arizona, you need to know that Waymo will soon provide free rides in its own self-driving vehicles for all the interested residents in Phoenix.

But who’s Waymo?

For those of you that never heard about this company, you need to know that Waymo is the autonomous car technology subsidiary of Alphabet (a company founded by Google).

The program launched by Waymo is called “Early rider” and will give out hundreds of free rides in self-driving cars.

The self-driving vans owned by Waymo will come with a test driver that will monitor driving safety.

Waymo wants to see how people are responding to driverless cars, and this will also be a chance to get rid of their fears for all the people afraid of these vehicles.

In the U.S., 75% of the Americans have fears when comes about driverless cars, and with the new program, Waymo tries to help them to face their fears this summer.

Today, more and more companies are interested in self-driving technology, so people that are afraid of these vehicles may face their fears sooner than they thought.

Waymo will use in this program its own fleet of self-driving Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans and all the vehicles will come with a professional driver in the driver’s seat to end people’s fears and to monitor the vehicle and ensure the safety of the ride.

All Phoenix-area residents that want to try the program (which will operate more like a taxi service), will need to apply to Waymo to become participants in the “Early rider” program.

To support the “Early rider” program, Waymo made a deal with Avis Budget Group and the latter will cover things like oil changes, tire rotations and even the cleaning service for the self-driving Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans in Waymo’s fleet.

The deal signed with Avis will allow Waymo to expand its service more easily around the country, and maybe even globally.

Avis Budget Group operates about 11,000 rental locations around the world, and the deal signed with Waymo will help the company to learn more about self-driving cars, a technology that will have serious implications in the car rental and car-sharing business.

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Danny Ovy

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  1. Peter says:

    As the roads fill with cars and trucks , driving will become far more complex. It will become necessary to start teaching driving and law in primary school and licences issued in college.
    Drivers will need to be competent at driving and fast computer programming .

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