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What is the next step after electric cars?

Nissan Leaf was the electric vehicle which formed the basis of the study.

Nissan Leaf was the electric vehicle which formed the basis of the study.

The human society starts slowly to use electric vehicles because it’s trendy and because many drivers know that the environment needs our help to get rid of carbon emissions that produce global warming and dangerous weather changes.

But what will follow after electric cars? The next step is represented by the self-driving electric cars.

Many of you have already heard that Google works to build a self-driving vehicle, but we need to wait a few more years until these vehicles will have the right to run in our streets.

In the meantime, a few other companies are working on similar projects, and we found from a recent study released by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, that self-driving electric taxis could be used to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the conventional car travel in the U.S. by 94% in the year 2030.

Hoping that the 15 year period will be enough to fully develop the technology of self-driving vehicles, we consider that self-driving electric vehicles could become a good choice for the entire city transport.

The future self-driving electric vehicles could include smaller cars created for one or two persons as well as larger vehicles for at least three persons.

It is expected that the charging stations infrastructure for electric vehicles will be fully developed in the U.S. by 2030, to help all the electric vehicle owners, but also the self-driving electric vehicles to be fully functional by then.

In the meanwhile it is expected that the industry will switch to more renewable energy sources to reduce the level of carbon emissions even more.

The study says that the self-driving electric vehicles will be able to reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions by 94% in 2030, as compared with the use of conventional cars (petrol or diesel based) today.

If the self-driving electric vehicles will be used on a large scale in 2030, we could see a very low level of pollution produced by cars in the U.S. cities.



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